Training videos • User manuals • Instructional documents • Proofreading • Employee handbooks • Client guidebooks • Demo materials • Review of existing training & documents

MP910216391You have a brilliant idea and you’ve developed it into a cool product or service. You’ve worked hard and polished the details. You know it will help hundreds of people and you can’t wait to share it. Sometimes new products and services need a detailed description and explanation so your clients understand how you can help them. In other words, you need to educate your client about how your idea works and how your client will benefit by choosing you. This is where client education comes in; achieved through demo materials, client orientation, product and services info sheets, client guidebooks, and many more.

Your business is growing and you are now ready to hire employees and/or contractors. Your new team members will start their endeavour by getting familiar with your company’s policies, culture, procedures, and technology. In other words, they will learn how things are done at your company and what is expected of them. Laying down the foundation for team work during the initial starting period (onboarding) will speed up your team’s introduction and training and will ensure your employees stay curious and willing to continue learning. Establishing new employee orientation and training is essential for your businesses productivity in the long run.

You are planning on establishing company policies and standard operating procedures (SOPs) to serve both your clients and employees (or contractors). Creating new documents or reviewing your existing ones takes quite a lot of time. And let’s face it, sometimes you need an outside perspective to point out the weak spots and enhance the strong ones. Document creation, review of existing programs, document proofreading, and developing an overall look and feel of your business policies, will contribute to your professional image.

I can also recommend other brilliant self-employed consultants and small businesses, that I have worked with, in the areas of:

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