How can training help my business?

There are many ways you can benefit from having a training environment. You can design information pieces that will educate your clients about your product and/or service. From demo videos, product manuals, instructional materials to audio, text, and web materials, your clients will feel “covered” in case they need to learn more about you and your business.

A learning environment will also prepare your team to use and represent (sell) your product and service competently. Continuous training and support will ensure your team is up to date and will encourage them to be curious and learn in the long run. What better way to motivate your team?!

Training is never separate from marketing, sales, and HR. For example, a demo video may also serve as a marketing tool for your product and service.

What would training for my business look like?

The latest trends in business training suggest that spending hours learning by yourself before you can start your work is simply a waste of resources. Even big corporations are moving away from such complex format.

Training doesn’t have to be a massive program that is hard to manage. That’s why I refer to training not so much as a program or department but as an environment. Learning can be embedded in every day tasks or activities that your business already has. I will work with you to determine learning opportunities in your business before we build additional training pieces to support them. The idea is that you will be able to modify and update your training on your own and as needed – I’ll show you how to do that.

Once training is in place, how can I update it as my product/service changes?

I’ll give you methodology and guidelines on how to maintain your training environment and build on it, and most importantly keep it engaging and effective.

Do I need to purchase an LMS (Learning Management System)?

No, you do not need an LMS. Unless, of course, you want one. But in order to keep your training lean, you do not need to purchase an LMS. Besides, there are open source systems that will do just as well – but again only if it serves a purpose in your particular business.

What is your process?

I always start with a conversation aiming to get familiar with your business, goals, history, short-term and long-term plans. This will determine the kind of training environment you need particularly. Some businesses may need a user manual combined with instructional videos to demonstrate how their product works, and others may need a wiki where they get to collaborate as a team in order to learn from each other. By assessing your needs, I will make recommendations on what method will suit your particular business.

What if I decided to do it on my own?

You are more than welcome to. I will be posting some tool that you can use on your own to determine and set up your own training environment. Check my website often for updates or follow me by email to receive links to my new blog posts and recommendations.

What are your prices?

I work with two types of contracts – by the project or hourly.

Usually work by the project is preferred by businesses that need a full cycle of establishing a training environment (assessment, development, evaluation, and recommendations for continuous learning).

Work by the hour is usually useful for initial assessment and review when you just need recommendations on how to set up your training and how to maintain it. Hourly work is also useful when you need my opinion on a specific item, or when you need my involvement after a project has been completed – in other words, you need me to participate in maintaining your learning environment on a regular basis.

Every project is different so we will discuss the cost specifically for your business.

A needs assessment which also includes a report with recommendations and a plan for your training (without my participation in implementing it) is $200 which includes 3 hours of assessment plus the report. If you decide to hire me for the implementation and completion of your project, this fee will be included in the project cost.

Usually my hourly rate for all other work is $60 per hour.