About LearningBuzz

Teacher training and preparation has always been a huge interest of mine. Teaching the teacher on how to teach… the meta-teaching concept of creativity and knowledge transfer is fascinating.

What I learned over time, though, is that it isn’t just about the knowledge transfer. It’s definitely more than that. Transferring something means that you take it from one place and carry it over to another place. This isn’t what teaching is all about (not the only thing anyway).

It’s not about the information or knowledge. Nowadays you can get information anywhere. But it’s the demeanour, the way we think, the way we behave, the way we choose a role-model… that’s all part of being a good teacher and caring for your students. Students cannot get such guidance anywhere else… even from their parents.

And it doesn’t matter if we are talking kindergarten teachers or professors at university. The connection with the students is very special and has to be maintained constantly.

This blog is about learning, inspiration, technology, motivation, teaching, innovation, positive change.

The power of teaching and learning is so inspiring – two amazing processes which lead to great accomplishments both for the teacher and the learner.

Technology as a tool for teaching and learning enhances their power and pushes their creativeness.  As an educator, I have always been amazed by the results in education stemming from the motivation of teachers and learners to go farther and explore new knowledge.

Keep learning


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