listenLearningBuzz is my way of helping small businesses establish an L&D (learning & development) strategy. L&D is an essential part of who you are – educating the world about your ideas and empowering your team to be curious and continue learning.

I believe that L&D and training for small businesses should be easy to build and agile enough to be updated as needed and as often as necessary. Every learning piece tells a chapter of your business story and so it must correspond to your goals and culture. Materials may include a combination of:

  • instructional videos
  • instructional courses
  • new employee orientation (onboarding)
  • client orientation & user manuals
  • internal documents & policy
  • standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • employee guidebooks
  • client handbooks
  • tutorials

Big corporations have the resources to create L&D departments and hire instructional designers to develop courses and training materials using expensive software. While this strategy might serve the needs of these companies, usually their training programs are quite rigid. They are too big or too complicated to be updated as the company improves its products or develops new services. Often, by the time a course is developed and ready to be launched, it is time to update it. For small businesses it is next to impossible to allocate a similar budget for training… and frankly, it isn’t necessary.

Training for small businesses should be dynamic and:

  • in small chunks (microlearning)
  • easy to be updated on the go
  • allow for contribution from everyone in the company

Check out the services I offer for small businesses. If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact me for a discussion. I have a big arsenal of ideas that might fit your particular need or project.


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